The Long Road Home – Novella

Gavin always thought he’d find his home with his brother at the Satan’s Fury Clubhouse, but soon learned that fate had other plans. It wasn’t until he found himself in Tennessee prospecting for the Devil Chasers MC that he found what he’d been looking for. His days were often long and unforgiving, but everything he’d wanted seemed to be within his reach… including Sunny Jacobs.

He wanted her – the girl with the long, auburn hair and gorgeous brown eyes that drove him wild, but it wasn’t that easy. The woman who haunted his dreams was under club protection, and it was his job to watch over her and protect her. Until he got his patch, she was off-limits. But he was patient. A girl like Sunny was worth waiting for.

Sunny Jacobs was working hard to get her life back on track after barely surviving a night from hell with her ex. The Devil Chasers MC had taken her in and protected her while she picked up the pieces. With her deranged ex-boyfriend still missing, she couldn’t shake her nightmares… even with someone as handsome and mysterious as Gavin around.

Would Gavin’s love be strong enough to calm the storm raging inside Sunny, or was the long road too treacherous for them to make it home?

For those that loved the Devil Chaser’s Series, here is your chance to come back home and visit with your old favorites. While The Long Road Home is part of a series, it may be read as a standalone romance. The book includes a HEA with no cheating. Intended for readers 18 and older due to strong language and explicit content.

The Long Road Home - Devil Chaser's Novella

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