Over the years I’d been with my share of women. Hell, I’d had more than I could count, but for one reason or another, it never seemed to last. I’d told myself that I just hadn’t found the one, and I was okay with that. I had the club, and with my brothers at my side, I had everything I needed—or so I thought.

Alyssa was young, smoking hot, and had the world at her fingertips. I knew better than to even give her a second look. I was too old, lived a life that wasn’t suited for a woman like her, and if that wasn’t enough, she was Hyde’s younger sister.

I told myself we were just friends, but in a heated moment, we crossed a line. Sparks flew, and we both knew one night would never be enough. I thought we had what it took to get through anything.

I was wrong.

It wasn’t until I lost her that I realized that it wasn’t about finding the one.
It was about being the one.
If she’d give me the chance, I’d be that for her and more—even if it meant giving up everything to have her.

T-Bone - Satan's Fury Memphis Chapter

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