We played a game of hide and seek.

I tried to keep her at a distance.
But no matter how high I built my walls, she was always there to seek me out.
She saw me.
She understood me, even when I didn’t understand myself.

She was the one.
I knew it without a doubt.

The time had come for me to stake my claim.
But our game of hide and seek was about to take a turn.
An unknown adversary threatened to put an end to us all.
Now, it was my turn to be the seeker.

The boy in the little red tennis shoes is all grown up, and he has learned a thing or two from Stitch and his brothers. Grab your copy today and catch up with the men of Satan’s Fury MC. Bones is an MC romance with a group of possessive alphas who will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love. No cheating and a HEA. Enjoy the ride!

Bones - Satan's Fury - Second Generation

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