Tempting Country

You don’t know until you know…

We didn’t exchange names or numbers. There was no reason to. It was just a simple hook up–until it wasn’t.

I had no idea the beautiful girl I’d met in the bar was Billy the Butcher’s daughter. The chick wasn’t only a looker, she was smart—really smart. She had to be to pull one over on the Sinners.

In the end, Kiersten left us with two choices: kill her or go into business with her.

Thankfully, the club decided on the latter.

I’d gotten my second chance with her, and I was damn well going to take it. There was just one problem…

Her entire world was about to erupt into chaos—putting all our lives in danger.

Tempting Country will have you rooting for forgiveness, mended hearts, and second chances.
This sixth installment of the Ruthless Sinners MC is a standalone MC romance with a group of alphas who will take you on a hell of a ride. These sexy bikers are foul-mouthed, possessive alphas who will do whatever it takes to protect the women they love. No cliffhanger and no cheating. Enjoy the ride!

Tempting Country

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