Smolders; smoldered; smoldering
1.: To burn slowly without flames but usually with smoke
2. (Literary)
a.: to feel a strong emotion but keep it hidden
b.: to be felt strongly by someone without being directly shown or expressed

Some connections are so intense, so deep that they span years. Starting with nothing more than a casual conversation, a look in the eye, a touch –but the point is they start. They smolder with a quiet intensity that eventually leads to combustion.

Taylor Roberts had been in love with her brother’s best friend for as long as she could remember. It was a love left burning in her heart–pointless, because it was love never returned.

Noah “Renegade” Hudson had life knock him down more than once. As Sergeant of Arms of the Devil Chasers, he’s known for not letting people get too close. The day he met Taylor, a change ignited within him, and he wanted to reach out and claim her. She was innocent and untouched though, so he made himself walked away.

When both Taylor and Renegade’s lives are rocked by tragedy, can they find comfort in each other’s arms? Or will old wounds and scars tear them apart forever?

In hearts where pain, love, and passion lie smoldering… will anything survive the blast when the fire sparks?

Smolder - Devil Chaser's

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